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Service Overview

We Are:

  • Contract Compliant
  • A Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • A Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)

Why Work With Us?

ABE’s fabrication and erection teams strive to meet and exceed contractors’ expectations by responding with creative, cost-effective and quality solutions in a timely and professional manner. We fully understand and appreciate the importance of your schedule. Delivering a quality product on time is our standard. Anything less is unacceptable.

Because ABE offers a wide range of fabrication, installation, engineering, project management, estimating, and detailing services, contractors are able to eliminate many of the coordination headaches associated with using multiple subcontractors on the same scope of work.

Structure Services

Supporting Structures with Services

All of ABE’s in-house services allow for complete one-stop shopping. Whether it’s new construction or a rehab project, ABE’s in-house professional engineering and detailing services will ensure a custom fit.

Atlantic Bridge’s extensive background in steel construction and fabrication enables the company to identify and provide cost-effective structural steel solutions while keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

Structure Services Include:

  • Fabrication of structural steel, miscellaneous metals, and ornamental iron
  • Engineering
  • Detailing
  • Project management
  • Estimating
  • Health & Safety compliance and planning

ABE provides these services to General Contractors throughout the Northeast.

Erection Services

Over 20 Years of Experience

From engineering repair to custom-fit fabrication and installation, ABE has the skills and capabilities to respond with minimal downtime while retaining the highest standards of product quality.

Erection Services Include:

  • Erection of complex bridges
  • Erection of pre-cast bridges
  • Post tensioning
  • Complete jacking and shoring capabilities from design to install
  • Replacement of historically sensitive bridge components is a specialty
  • Vast experience in moveable bridges
  • Erection of structural steel for buildings
  • Erection of miscellaneous and ornamental iron for buildings

Fabrication Services

Fabricating Better Structures

Atlantic Bridge & Engineering, Inc. (ABE) is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), for the fabrication of Steel Building Structures and Major Bridges with a Fracture Critical Endorsement.

Steel Fabrication Services Include:

  • Fabrication of structural steel for new bridges and buildings
  • Fabrication of structural steel for the rehabilitation of existing bridges and buildings
  • Fabrication of temporary structural steel for slab support, shoring systems etc.
  • Fabrication of miscellaneous & ornamental steel such as pedestrian rail, ornamental rail, bridge rail, hand rails, stairways, etc.

ABE meets or exceeds customer expectations with regard to quality, safety & schedule by employing skilled employees for key roles. ABE employees in house detailers educated in computer aided design (CAD), quality control representatives that are Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) by the American Welding Society, certified welders, in house project management, professional engineers (PE) and dedicated safety representatives.

Fabrication Shop Photos

Health & Safety Compliance

A Serious Sense of Responsibility

Every general contractor has a fiduciary and moral obligation to minimize risk, anticipate hazards and protect workers. ABE supports that effort with a dedicated Health & Safety department that provides oversight, code enforcement, and training to all our employees. Atlantic Bridge considers the safety of its workers and everyone on site to be our highest priority.

Our Mission:

To match project excellence with business needs and create structures that are as beautiful and environmentally sound as they are functional, safe and cost-effective.